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Printer Service Contracts

We also offer: Time and Material Repair - Printer Sales

service contract printers
Service contracts for all these types of printers

thermal label printers - line printers - dot-matrix printers - laser printers - HP DesignJet plotters

Printer service contracts for all these popular brands:

printer service contract brands

starting as low as $17.99*

per month/per printer (quantity discounts available)

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Benefits of our service contracts: Why have a printer service contract? (infograph)

  • Priority Response - average onsite 6 business hours.

  • All parts Included - don't pay for part(s) needed for repair**

  • Unlimited Service Calls - no limit on repairs while under coverage plan.

  • All Travel Included - don't pay for travel time to your site.

  • Multi-Year Plans Available - great savings on 3 and 5 year plans.

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*Based on printer type
**Does not include consumables.*

FAST Onsite Time and Material Printer Repair

Great Low Rates*

Certified local technicians in the Cleveland area!

Benefits of our FAST Onsite Repair:

  • Live Consultants - talk to a live person right away.

  • Faster Scheduling - schedule service in less than 5 minutes

  • Large Service Fleet - 3,500 certified technicians are standing by.

  • 30 Day Repair Warranty - an industry best warranty

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* Does not include parts. Parts will be quoted as needed.*

Printer Sales

Thermal Label Printers - Line Printers - Dot-Matrix Printers - and more

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90 day warranty included

Talk to a Specialist now (216) 502-2450. We are here to help. Follow Us:

Here are some of the cities and towns in your area that we have on-site repair services available:

44001 Amherst, OH Lorain 440
44003 Andover, OH Ashtabula 440
44004 Ashtabula, OH Ashtabula 440
44005 Ashtabula, OH Ashtabula 440
44010 Austinburg, OH Ashtabula 440
44012 Avon Lake, OH Lorain 440
44011 Avon, OH Lorain 440
44140 Bay Village, OH Cuyahoga 440
44122 Beachwood, OH Cuyahoga 216
44146 Bedford, OH Cuyahoga 440
44017 Berea, OH Cuyahoga 440
44816 Birmingham, OH Erie 440
44141 Brecksville, OH Cuyahoga 440
44147 Broadview Heights, OH Cuyahoga 440
44142 Brook Park , OH Cuyahoga 216
44131 Brooklyn Heights, OH Cuyahoga 216
44021 Burton, OH Geauga 440
44022 Chagrin Falls, OH Cuyahoga 440
44023 Chagrin Falls, OH Geauga 440
44024 Chardon, OH Geauga 440
44026 Chesterland, OH Geauga 440
44124 Cleveland , OH Cuyahoga 440
44129 Cleveland , OH Cuyahoga 440
44130 Cleveland , OH Cuyahoga 440
44101 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44102 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44103 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44104 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44105 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44106 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44108 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44109 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44110 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44111 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44112 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44113 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44114 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44115 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44118 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44119 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44120 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44121 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44125 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44126 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44127 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44128 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44131 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44134 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 440
44135 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44142 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44143 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44144 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44181 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44188 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44190 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44191 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44192 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44193 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44194 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44195 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44197 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44198 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44199 Cleveland, OH Cuyahoga 216
44028 Columbia Station, OH Lorain 440
44030 Conneaut, OH Ashtabula 440
44032 Dorset, OH Ashtabula 440
44033 East Claridon, OH Geauga 440
44095 Eastlake, OH Lake 440
44097 Eastlake, OH Lake 440
44035 Elyria, OH Lorain 440
44036 Elyria, OH Lorain 440
44117 Euclid, OH Cuyahoga 216
44123 Euclid, OH Cuyahoga 216
44132 Euclid, OH Cuyahoga 216
44040 Gates Mills, OH Cuyahoga 440
44041 Geneva, OH Ashtabula 440
44044 Grafton, OH Lorain 440
44045 Grand River, OH Lake 440
44046 Huntsburg, OH Geauga 440
44131 Independence , OH Cuyahoga 216
44047 Jefferson, OH Ashtabula 440
44048 Kingsville, OH Ashtabula 440
44049 Kipton, OH Lorain 440
44050 Lagrange, OH Lorain 440
44107 Lakewood, OH Cuyahoga 216
44052 Lorain, OH Lorain 440
44053 Lorain, OH Lorain 440
44055 Lorain, OH Lorain 440
44124 Lyndhurst, OH Cuyahoga 440
44057 Madison, OH Lake 440
44137 Maple Heights, OH Cuyahoga 216
44124 Mayfield Heights, OH Cuyahoga 440
44060 Mentor, OH Lake 440
44061 Mentor, OH Lake 440
44439 Mesopotamia, OH Trumbull 440
44130 Middleburg Heights, OH Cuyahoga 440
44062 Middlefield, OH Geauga 440
44064 Montville, OH Geauga 440
44065 Newbury, OH Geauga 440
44450 North Bloomfield, OH Trumbull 440
44068 North Kingsville, OH Ashtabula 440
44070 North Olmsted, OH Cuyahoga 440
44039 North Ridgeville, OH Lorain 440
44133 North Royalton, OH Cuyahoga 440
0 44072 Novelty, OH Geauga 440
44073 Novelty, OH Geauga 440
44074 Oberlin, OH Lorain 440
44138 Olmsted Falls, OH Cuyahoga 440
44076 Orwell, OH Ashtabula 440
44077 Painesville, OH Lake 440
44080 Parkman, OH Geauga 440
44130 Parma Heights, OH Cuyahoga 440
44129 Parma, OH Cuyahoga 440
44130 Parma, OH Cuyahoga 440
44131 Parma, OH Cuyahoga 216
44124 Pepper Pike, OH Cuyahoga 440
44081 Perry, OH Lake 440
44082 Pierpont, OH Ashtabula 440
44084 Rock Creek, OH Ashtabula 440
44116 Rocky River, OH Cuyahoga 440
44085 Rome, OH Ashtabula 440
44131 Seven Hills, OH Cuyahoga 216
44054 Sheffield Lake, OH Lorain 440
44139 Solon, OH Cuyahoga 440
44136 Strongsville, OH Cuyahoga 440
44149 Strongsville, OH Cuyahoga 440
44086 Thompson, OH Geauga 440
44088 Unionville, OH Ashtabula 440
44089 Vermilion, OH Erie 440
44889 Wakeman, OH Huron 440
44090 Wellington, OH Lorain 440
44145 Westlake, OH Cuyahoga 440
44092 Wickliffe, OH Lake 440
44093 Williamsfield, OH Ashtabula 440
44094 Willoughby, OH Lake 440
44096 Willoughby, OH Lake 440
44099 Windsor, OH Ashtabula 440

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Don’t see your printer here. Call us at (800) 643-2664. We have the capability to repair over 2500
different models from the major printer manufacturers.

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